Future of 3D printing in space

Space is both scary and fascinating at the same time. Its infinite emptiness and mystery gives most people an existential crisis. As the 3DP came into existence, plastic printing first came into picture, followed by metals and ceramics soon after. In aerospace many applications, challenges, innovations related to 3D printing are tuning pace at a higher rate. Step by step, researchers are looking for different applications to this cutting-edge technology in space whereas additive manufacturing is challenging and requires new technologies and resistant materials. With the two different axis of applications arises variant benefits i.e. 3D printing inside of the station and 3D printing outside of the station. Inside it will play role significantly in their daily life in orbits during space exploration, example- when something is broken, and they need to replace a part, it can be long and expensive to send them what they need so they can simply 3D Print it. It is the same thing if a tool is missing. It would be so much easier and time-saving if they could just 3D print their screwdriver when they need it! Regarding the additive technology outside of the station, A 3D printer working in orbit would allow to come up with or create satellite structures. These machines could be integrated inside Nano satellites. Nano satellites could allow to 3D print structures directly in space as well.


• challenges of 3D printing in space

• Current experiments regarding off-Earth manufacturing

• 3D printing materials that we can use in space

• 3D Printing In Zero-G Technology

• 3D printing the future: scenarios for supply chains 

• 3DP Shape, Material Breakthroughs 

• AM Solutions for Payload

• Building a lunar base with 3D printing 

• Prototyping tool for Space Walks

• 3D Printing for Space and Defense Aerospace

• 3D Printer during testing in the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) Engineering Unit

• 3D printing technique building plan for Moon and Mars bases

• Refabicator

• Bio-printing in space

• Archinaut TDM, printing 3D structures in space.

• Building structures on the Moon

• 3D Printing Meteorites

• 3D Printed Satellites

• Lunar Quattro

• 3D Printed Medical Devices in Space

• 3D Printing vs. CNC machining

• CubeSat – Mini 3D-printed Satellites



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