Nano 3D Printing

Nanotechnology and Additive Manufacturing together working to revolutionize a lot of different sectors. 3D printing is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping. Nanotechnology has a lot in common with the additive manufacturing technology from the medical industry, consumer products etc. 3D Microbioprinting along with nanotechnology is being used in different projects. Companies like Nanoscribe 3D Print objects as small as only a few microns.

Applying 3D printing concepts to nanotechnology could bring similar advantages to nanofabrication – speed, less waste, economic viability – than it is expected to bring to manufacturing technologies.


  •    Electron Beam Lithography
  •     Electron Beam on ice
  •     Benefits and applications of this new 3D nanofabrication technique
  •     Nanotechnology future aspects
  •     CAD/CAM designed 3D Printed electroanalytic cell
  •     Plasmo assisted 3D microstructing of glod nanoparticles-doped polymer
  •     3D Printed micro and nano featured scaffolds for vascularized bone tissue repair
  •     Categorical prototyping, incorporating molecular mechanisms into 3D Printing
  •     3D Printing in the field of microscopy
  •     Nano 3D Printing Electrodes
  •     3D Printed iPod Nano Watch
  •     Oxidation Resistant Copper Nanoparticle Inks for 3D Printed Electronics
  •     3D Printed Nanotechnology

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